«THE ポッシボー» - 伝記、アルバム、曲、ビデオクリップ

THE Possible is a group of six girls who started their careers as H!P Eggs, and were formed in 2006 to become the backup singers/dancers for Tokito Ami. They are produced by Tsunku, of Hello! Project fame, and are apart of TNX’s NICE GIRL Project!.

The group consists of the following members:

Morozuka Kanami (諸塚香奈実) - November 1, 1989

Hashimoto Aina (橋本愛奈) - October 3, 1992

Akiyama Yurika (秋山ゆりか) - October 19 1992

Okada Robin Shouko (岡田ロビン翔子) - March 15, 1993

Goto Yuki (後藤夕貴) - June 12, 1993


Ohse Kaede (大瀬楓) - April 29, 1991