«Tyburn Saints» - 伝記、アルバム、曲、ビデオクリップ

Tyburn Saints

Brooklyn, NY

“The band, creates cinematic soundscapes of surf rock and post punk with a haunting, early 80′s-style detached sound simliar to The Cure, U2, Psychedelic Furs and Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds.”

-indie rock café: Bands on the Radar

“You and I in Heaven is a kaleidoscope of shimmering jewel tones, steeped in reverb and delay pedals, a sonic pool in which you would willingly drown.”

-Pop Shifter

“…gothed-out ballads that slither” “…there’s more history clinging to the shadows. I find some heavy Scott Walker/ Ian Curtis moods/cleverness, with more than a healthy amount of Nick Cave references, too

- jack rabid, big takeover magazine issue 70

” Covering post rock to classic 80s gothic pop to Nick Cave at his most operatic, Gimenez’s own deep, baritone rumble is distinctive enough, and the songs original enough, to make comparisons spurious. Simply put, Tyburn Saints are one powerful proposition – you’d do well to dip in and have yourself a little listen.”

- Mad Mackerel UK

“you could call Tyburn Saints’ genre of haunting and maudlin rock “death indie.” Following in the steps of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds (circa Let Love In) before them (lead singer Johnny Gimenez even sounds like the love child of Cave and Joy Division’s Ian Curtis), their music is dark, dark, dark. With a set list full of murder ballads, the Saints lull you into a false sense of security while their lyrics are a bit more sinister.”

- Brett Ackerman for Unveiled Arts

“This is 
well executed dark rock that will find fans among those who revere Mr. Nick 
Cave’s musical output.” 
-NYC Artists on the Rise, The Deli Magazine