«V-Malice» - 伝記、アルバム、曲、ビデオクリップ

V-malice is an industrial and gothic-influenced metal band based in Trieste, Italy. It consists of five members: Alessandro Narcissus (vocals), Alice Hamphur (keyboards and synths), Chris Glenn (bass), Luis Tomson (drums) and Zak Dametién (guitar).

The band was formed on May 30th 2006 by Chris and originally consisted of five members, including a female vocalist. Upon differences over the direction of the sound, the band went through a line up change, and the three remaining members, Chris, Veruma (former vocalist) and Dok (former keyboarder) released a 3-track demo CD, which included two covers and an original song, at a very successful party with DJ-set held on December 5th 2006.

In 2007, Zak joined V-malice, but due to musical and personal differences, Veruma and Dok eventually left the band, leading to a three year hiatus period during which the two remaining members continued doing successful DJ sets in Trieste and the surrounding area beside well known Gothic bands (Das Ich, Theatres des Vampires, Dope Stars Inc, Ensoph, Macbeth).

Chris’ encounter with Alice in 2010 was the first step towards V-malice’s rebirth as a true band. Her handful of fresh ideas prompted Chris to look for a new vocalist and drummer until, in October 2010, he met Alessandro and asked him to join the band as the vocalist. 2011 saw a fortunate encounter with Luis, who initially simply offered the band a rehearsal room, but eventually got enthusiastic about the project and joined the band as the drummer. With a new, stronger line up, the band immediately started rehearsals, practising on some covers to break the ice, but quickly putting them aside to focus on original material.

As all five members listen to quite different music, everybody brought along fresh and diverse influences: while the core resides in Chris’ Industrial Metal fascination (Nine Inch Nails, Ministry), Zak included noticeable Nu Metal influences (Korn, Static-X) and Luis hardened the drums parts bringing about his Metalcore, Emocore and Black Metal influences (Bring Me The Horizon, Cannibal Corpse); Alice added her influences, which have roots in the 80’s Darkwave and Post-Punk bands (Depeche Mode, Bauhaus), and Alessandro pulled in his Gothic Metal and slightly mainstream background, in particular for the lyrical themes (Theatre of Tragedy, Hurts).

On October 1st 2011, the band released the first promo, the song “Broken Doll”, a blend of all the elements that form V-malice’s peculiar sound.

Now, the band is writing new songs, rehearsing to do some new live shows and is looking for a label.