«Zymotic Symphony» - 伝記、アルバム、曲、ビデオクリップ

The band Zymotic Symphony was founded on the 20th of may 2005. It consisted of 3 people back then: Dmitrij Kitajskij (DikObraZ) - basso; Jurij Egorov (Dantist) - drums; Denis Kiseljov (Storm) - guitar. By the fall 2005 several Melodic Death Metal songs had been ready. At the very beginning of March 2006 Rjazanov Evgenij (Joni) - vocals joined the band as well as Evgenija Bobrova (Janet) - piano. As piano came, music has gained more and more melodic and gloomy sound; and now it is Sympho Dark Melodic Death. In October 2007 the band records its first demo, consisting of 4 songs. At the same time there happen big changes and new singer Alexandr Hananin (Holodniy) changes Evgenij Rjazanov. The band remains the same nowadays.