The Second Part
Two days have passed
And all I want is to feel better
They won't be back
And a long weekend is coming up
I left the house
It was just to see you
For an hour
Hoping for two

Ooo oo ooo
La la la la

I was short of breath
As I passed the doorman for a second time
And it rained all day
I don't have a raincoat of my own
I then arrived
Ten minutes early with no smokes
And I was broke
Without a smoke

La la la la

All of the time
(All of the time)
I thought I was crazy
'Cos you told me so
It was profound
(It was profound)
Like the piano I was humbled by
Our tongues may have touched
(Our tongues may have touched)
But all I remember was your nose
And I suppose
Our eyes were closed

Two days have passed
And all I want is gone
For good this time