«deathcore» - ベストアーティスト

Deathcore is an amalgamation of two musical styles: metalcore and death metal.
Deathcore is heavily influenced by modern death metal in its speed, heaviness, and approach to chromatic, heavily palm muted riffing and dissonance. Traditional growls, and screaming are prevalent, and sometimes metalcore yelling or shouting vocals are included. Sometimes “pig squeals” are included. Much of deathcore features heavy, downtuned breakdowns and melodic riffs common in metalcore. Deathcore brings in death metal influences in the forms of blast beats, low screams, and an altogether darker tone, while removing the metalcore tropes of dual harmonies and clean singing.
Deathcore rose to popularity in the mid ’00s off the back of the American metalcore scene. Originally brought to the attention of the international metal media by bands from the southwestern scene such as Job for a Cowboy and Suicide Silence, it was immediately met with the same controversy as metalcore was, and the controversy continues to this day. However, nonetheless, it has been wildly successful, with many bands, such as Bring Me the Horizon (now a pure metalcore band) gaining international renown, and has even influenced death metal bands such as Aborted and Cryptopsy.