10 Dimensions of Wellness

We cover a new theme in holistic health every Wednesday. Kamilah Redding, director of NRI Wellness, dives deep into the 10 Dimensions of Wellness:

1. Accountability
2. Creative Wellness
3. Occupational Wellness
4. Emotional Wellness
5. Intellectual Wellness
6. Physical Wellness
7. Financial Wellness
8. Environmental Wellness
9. Social Wellness
10. Spiritual Wellness

Hosting weekly interviews with guests who are experts in their industry, or addressing health issues head-on. Come on, join us for 45-min. To learn how to improve the different aspects of your life. Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/10-dimensions-of-wellness/support
10 Dimensions of Wellness

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Moving To Live w/ Dr. Ben Reuter
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Moving To Live w/ Dr. Ben Reuter

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