29. The Crutch Thing
Sh!t Your Therapist Won't Tell You · 50 minutes ·

29. The Crutch Thing

The Crutch Thing:

What would you consider a crutch? Did you know you can not only physical crutches in your life, but also emotional, mental, and spiritual crutches too? We are going into the strength and self-awareness it takes to take ownership of your own patterns that have become your crutches. Sometimes you need those crutches to help you to heal yourself, but eventually you must stand up and thrive. Let us know what you think of todays episode, or a topic you would like to hear more on.

As always Stay Safe, physically, energetically, and spiritually.

If you are struggling during this time, please reach out. We are offering mini no-contract sessions. Or if you just need someone to talk to for a pick me up. Reach out, we are here.

It is ok to not be ok, it is not ok to do nothing about it. Wake up. Open your eyes, its Beautiful.

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We do not claim to stand as a medical professional, or as a medical professional team, and no advice given or insinuated by our team should ever be taken and/or acted upon against the direct instruction of a medical professional.

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