30. The Motherhood Thing
Sh!t Your Therapist Won't Tell You · 49 minutes ·

30. The Motherhood Thing

The Motherhood Thing:
As Mother’s Day has passed, we hope everyone had a great day celebrating. We talk a lot on subjects that can really apply to your life whether you are a mother or not, parenting or not, or in life in general. Today we wanted to touch on some things we as mothers have experienced and learned/learning from. Motherhood is such a personal and unique experience, yet we allow outside influences to dictate our own parenting experience. In a world of so many different perspectives, you must learn what works for you and what doesn’t. Take pieces from everywhere and create your own environment for what works, but do not let those pieces work against you. Its up to you to not let expectations, judgements, and shaming run your experience. No body in this world is you, no body in this world are your kids. There is no rule book, or step by step guide on what to do. Also, you are not alone, we are all out here doing the best we can, finding what works for us. Be open to help and advice without taking it as something to tear you down. Honor yourself, honor your struggle, honor your experience, honor your wins, and honor the other moms in your life trying to figure out their paths.

As always Stay Safe, physically, energetically, and spiritually

If you are struggling during this time, please reach out. We are offering mini no-contract sessions. Or if you just need someone to talk to for a pick me up. Reach out, we are here.

It is ok to not be ok, it is not ok to do nothing about it. Wake up. Open your eyes, its Beautiful.

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We do not claim to stand as a medical professional, or as a medical professional team, and no advice given or insinuated by our team should ever be taken and/or acted upon against the direct instruction of a medical professional.

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