What Does Justice Look Like for Survivors?
Deliver Us · 38 minutes ·

What Does Justice Look Like for Survivors?

In this episode of “Deliver Us,” we’re asking what justice looks like for survivors. What does the church need to do? What models of justice can we look to in this unique crisis?
We look at the differences between criminal and financial justice, speaking to experts like Marci Hamilton, the founder and CEO of Child USA. We ask Marci how extending the statutes of limitations could help survivors, and we hear from Cardinal Dolan about what a “victim compensation fund” is. Teri Anulewicz, a member of the Georgia House of Representatives, is a lawmaker who has been grappling with these questions of justice as a Catholic mother. She joins this episode to offer her perspective.
Justice, transparency and healing are all connected, and we find that current statutes of limitations can work against all three, especially in cases of child sexual abuse.
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