13. How Should You Be Marketing Your Brand in 2022?

13. How Should You Be Marketing Your Brand in 2022?

If you are new to entrepreneurship, you might be asking yourself this question, “How should I be marketing my brand to get new clients/customers in 2022?”

Of course you've heard about running Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Youtube ads, but is that all you should be doing? The answer is simple... NO! Because the old ways simply don't work anymore.

You have to understand that running ads on social media is just a tool in your arsenal for branded marketing, and you have to have a full set of tools now to be successful.

Yes, running ads on your social media is a huge part, but that has become extremely expensive over the years. Now, you MUST have multiple marketing channels, like SMS (text messaging), email campaigns, and simply creating video content to share to the masses. 

In this podcast, Ryan and Kota cover how important it is to market your brand/company in EFFECTIVE ways, to keep costs down, and make your advertising dollars go further.  They talk about the process of running paid ads, but also steps you can take to start creating free marketing content for your social media pages. 

They also go over:

-  The different types of marketing tools that you can start to implement today.

-  The importance of knowing that not everyone is going to like you online (and why that's totally OK!)

-  Understanding your “AVATAR" (customer/client) so you know exactly who you are targeting.

-  Anyone can create great content! The internet is filled with useless entertaining content that millions of people EAT UP! Why not YOU?

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