14. Knowing Your Worth, How to Say “No”, and Raising Your Prices

14. Knowing Your Worth, How to Say “No”, and Raising Your Prices

If you are new to entrepreneurship, you might be asking yourself a couple of these questions:

“It seems like every entrepreneur wakes up at 5am, is that what I have to do to be successful?”

“When, and how, can I raise my prices?”

“How do I tell a client “no”, and when is it necessary to draw that line in the sand?”

These are normal questions that you should be asking yourself!

In this podcast, Ryan and Kota deviate from their normal topic based discussion and just chop it up on the podcast mics. This is a REAL time conversation between 2 active entrepreneurs about what each of them are going through at this particular moment in their businesses, what they're learning, and how you can apply it in YOUR business.

They also go over:

-  Entrepreneurial routines that work for Ryan and Kota in the morning.

-  Delegating your time to the right people that will get the most impact from your expertise.

-  Educate your clients on “personal space” - you can bend over backwards for them, but don't bend over forwards, there's a difference (lol)!

-  Saying “yes” to things you don’t have experience in, and the benefits and drawbacks of figuring it out on the fly.


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