28. How to Use Your Business Strengths to Overcome Weaknesses

28. How to Use Your Business Strengths to Overcome Weaknesses

Welcome back to Mapping It Out Podcast with Ryan and Kota! 

Episode #28 is another in depth exchange of ideas between 2 entrepreneurs aggressively growing their brands. 


This podcast Ryan and Kota discuss what they've learned navigating their businesses through the challenges of 2022 so far, and what plans they're making for the future. 


Ryan and Kota cover:


- The importance of having a world class network you can rely on for business advice.


- How marketing & advertising for apparel brands has shifted in 2022.


- Manufacturing has very low profit margins, how to use other strengths to shore up weaknesses in your business.


- Always being aware of new apps and how you can capitalize on them being first to the platform.


- How you can gauge your growth as an entrepreneur by answering questions like the top entrepreneurs (Gary V, Andy Frisella, Ed Mylett, Dan Fleyshman, etc.)

- The intricacies and oddities of running a fulfillment operation for VERY diverse e-comm brands.




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