If you're new to entrepreneurship and looking to grow, you might be curious on how a 7 figure business "closes" their leads or what processes they have in place to follow up with referrals.

Truth is, there are different, more long-term effective strategies, other than traditional hard sell "closing".

In this episode we talk about one of the most powerful and impactful methods, which is simply helping as many people as you can. 

If you've built a specific capability, service, or product that solves a problem, it's probably niche and that means you're likely not a great fit for 80-90% of the people you talk to, so explain what you do, but don't try to "close" them on something they don't need.

Instead, help point them to a great solution for their problems, even if it's not with your company, and through that, anytime they're having a conversation with someone in their circle who DOES need what you offer, you'll be top of mind and have a raving referral from someone who wasn't even a client, just someone you helped.

Ryan and Kota cover:

- Not every potential client will work with you, and that's fine, but it doesn’t mean you can’t help point them in the right direction.

- Blending the power of Old School face to face marketing with modern digital content platforms, and how to navigate the changing market landscape as a new brand.

- Business is people, and people are relationships. Build your business the right way! The importance of creating solid relationships with your clients, partners, and employees, and ethically expanding your network.

- If you can’t "close" your leads it may be because you are not truly LISTENING to what they need. Don't "sell", help.


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