35. How to Get The Most Out of Network/Entrepreneur Groups & Not Be a Weirdo

35. How to Get The Most Out of Network/Entrepreneur Groups & Not Be a Weirdo

If you are new to entrepreneurship, you've probably seen a variety of network or entrepreneur groups around, but how do you know which one is right for you, what the differences are, or even if they're useful at all?


Entrepreneur/network groups can be an amazing way to fast-track your learning, while also making some lifelong friends, but there are nuances to navigating them that can either make your experience incredible and life-changing or a waste of time.


A common fear after you do decide to take the plunge, is how do you show up with your best foot forward and not looking like a noob? What are the common mistakes and faux pas that new members make, and how to avoid them.


In this podcast, Ryan & Kota discuss tips and tactics to get the MOST out of the experience, maximizing your time and highlighting your value, while also not coming across like a weirdo. 


Ryan and Kota also cover:

- It’s not about the LEADER of the group, the true value is in the other members of the group.

- Tips and tricks when going to a networking event (when to go, which hotel to get, where all the "cool kids" usually hang out, etc.).

- How to follow up with someone you connected with at a networking event the right way, and how to make yourself MEMORABLE.

- How to make yourself THE GUY (or girl) for your space that everyone thinks of when they hear your niche.



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