38. The Importance Of Leadership, In Life As Well As Business

38. The Importance Of Leadership, In Life As Well As Business

Leadership is one of the most important, yet difficult skills to master. It probably can't ever be truly "mastered", as it's such a nuanced and broad topic, but you CAN make significant changes over time by understanding a few core things.


Leadership is INFLUENCE, which has almost universal applications. Being a leader doesn’t mean you have to have a business. Being a strong leader can be with your family, friends, spouse, kids and so on. 


Whether you're a small business owner with just a virtual assistant, or running a bigger team of 20 to 200 employees, understanding and applying the tools and skills of leadership can help you achieve your goals, as well as help build everyone around you.


Like any difficult thing, becoming a leader isn’t easy. It takes time and patience, but you need to have that skill set if you are planning on building a company of any significance or size.


In this podcast, Ryan and Kota break down the importance of becoming a leader and how it affects everything and everyone in the company, both up and down the chain.


Ryan and Kota also cover:

-  How Ryan had to “lead” Disney (Ryan’s wife) when she first starting working with him and finding that balance.


- The importance of not burning bridges… you never know what those connections might lead to in the future.


- How listening to Jocko Podcast has helped him become a better leader in both of his companies.


- Why actively trying to avoid “leadership” is hurting you in the long run… It just has to be done!




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