In this podcast, the LAST one of the year, Ryan and Kota look back on the changing landscape of business in 2022, what we learned from the year, problems we encountered, solutions we're currently deploying, and how they might apply to your own business.


And also what to expect in 2023.


This episode also dives into the specifics of a new product/group we're launching (and why we're doing it), so if you've been toying with the idea of starting an apparel line, or maybe you already started one and it's not going the way you expected, you're definitely gonna want to see this.


The new course ITW is launching is a complete guide to get started on your journey of building and scaling an apparel brand; what to expect, how to go about it, and how to avoid the MANY pitfalls on the path.


After 15 years in the apparel game and helping hundreds of other brands grow and scale (as well as his own), the course is a road map of all the lessons learned and best practices. Everything from how to search for a name, to how to scale a modern e-comm apparel brand, to how to establish a valuation model and plan an exit when the time comes.


The course includes 15 video lessons that go in-depth on these topics. 

1. Mindset

2. Partnerships

3. Choosing a Name & Creating a Brand

4. Branding & Lifestyle (what is it and how to create it)

5. Business & Banking Structure (banking set up and how to use credit cards to get free money)

6. Creating Digital Infrastructure (your websites & social media)

7. Choosing Products (it's not always T shirts!)

8. Developing Art & Creatives

9. Sizing Ratio

10. Initial Launch Blueprint

11. Fulfillment

12. Data Analysis

13. Scaling Reach & Conversions

14. Advertising & Marketing

15. Valuation & Positioning for Sale

For all of these 15 lessons, we have them available as full videos, but also as downloadable PDFs as well as an audio playlist so you can absorb the info whichever way is best for you. 

We also have a private Facebook group that has some of our friends and fellow brand owners that have 6,7, and even 8-figure businesses that can answer your questions and get you the info that actually WORKS. As you already know, it's super important to be a part of a community that wants you to succeed, and lifts you up, instead of dragging you down.

We also have monthly LIVE ZOOM calls where Ryan and the best professionals in the industry come in and answer all of your questions! 


The group will also have access to exclusive events that are very unique to the apparel world.


If you are interested in learning more about the Industry Brandworks course, click the link below!


Check out the FULL INDUSTRY BRANDWORKS course here:


If you'd like a more a la carte option, each of the products is available individually here:

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