Turning Your Customers Into Your Influencers
Shopify Masters · 52 minutes ·

Turning Your Customers Into Your Influencers

With all the buzz about influencer marketing, it's easy to forget that many of your customers have their own online presence and a network they can influence.

On today's episode of Shopify Masters, we invite an entrepreneur to share how she grew her business by creating a micro-ambassador program for her brand, effectively turning her customers into her influencers.

Cindy Collins is the founder of Euphoric Herbals: maker of herbal products, specializing in pregnancy and postpartum, for women and their families.

Tune in to learn:

  • How to identify which business to focus on when you’ve started multiple businesses
  • How to think bigger as an ecommerce entrepreneur
  • What is a micro ambassador program and how to identify worthy ambassadors

Show Notes: http://www.shopify.com/blogs/blog/euphoric-herbals-micro-ambassadors

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