Siri Om was born Ivan Sanchezin Mexico City in 1971, graduated from the National University of Plastic Arts with a degree in Graphic Communication. Being a restless seeker of answers and in the midst of incessant alcoholism and deep depression he begins taking regular kundalini classes in February 2006. Making great changes in his life, he takes his practice to the next level with TT at RaMa Mexico City in 2009. By 2010 he dedicates himself to teaching Kundalini classes, and by 2017 he graduated as a Level II teacher. During those years teaching kundalini classes and along with his work as a graphic designer, he developed his dream of becoming a Lead Trainer or “teacher of future kundalini yoga teachers” in association with 3HO and KRI Kundalini Research Institute. In 2019 he starts an internet radio show called ComoUnidad Radio where he shares his yogic lifestyle grounded in daily life. The Premka book release in 2020 sent him into confusion; But it wasn’t until 2021 that he finally cut ties with the RaMA Mexico City/3HO) base, TT Organization and 3HO altogether. Today he is the founder of the Ganesha Espacio Community, has changed his name to Siri Ganesha and is bringing yoga and meditation to low- and middle-income people. He currently spends most of his time teaching classes online and is passionate about music and cinema. You can DONATE to this broadcast at: To be a guest on the podcast, please send an email to [email protected] Uncomfortable Conversations Spotify Playlist:

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