Part Two with Jules Hartley.

We go into detail of her personal story of emotional/psychological abuse from her Teacher Tej Kaur (Los Angeles; Nine Treasures), other 3HO experiences including White Tantric Yoga for both Winter and Summer Solstice, Los Angeles, as well as the highly "coveted" position and privilege of volunteering at the SSS Cabin to serve the subtle body of YB and the "WTY Facilitators" who were the live in-person representatives of the Mahan Tantric himself.

Lots of details and stories revealed in this episode.


Jules Hartley joined 3HO in 2011, changed her name to Amrita Kaur, and actively participated as a kundalini yoga teacher, worked for WTY (Health&Humanology), Golden Bridge Yoga, Nine Treasures Yoga, and performed work exchange for KRI and 3HO, and did seva at the RaMa Institute as well as the Guru Ram Das Ashram in LA through the end of 2018.

She grew up in San Diego and Northern Virginia, and then went to college in New York City where she began her career as an actress and producer in the film & TV industry. Upon the suggestion of her manager at the time, she moved to Hollywood, where she lived for over a decade––Much of which was defined by her life in 3HO, serving the community.

She has lived back in San Diego since leaving LA in 2018, and is currently finishing up her fourth year rotations & classes of medical school. A second career in naturopathic medicine has given her a fresh perspective and the chance at a new start in my life since leaving the 3HO cult.

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