51: Studio and Life Updates from Laura & Nikki
Startist Society · 43 minutes ·

51: Studio and Life Updates from Laura & Nikki

This week Laura and Nikki take a break from the usual interviews and educational topics and get more personal with a studio and life update. They share the latest projects they are working on, things they’ve accomplished both individually and as a team, some of the challenges they've faced over the last year, and they give some hints about what’s coming up in the next year and beyond.


  • Things we committed to on the podcast and how we did with them
  • The new Instagram feature we are super excited about (and you should be too!)
  • Podcast news - we've recorded 51 episodes!
  • Laura and Nikki's business and personal accomplishments from the past year
  • Some of the challenges we’ve been dealing with lately
  • A few things we’ve learned about ourselves 
  • Nikki shares a HUGE life change she’s in the process of making
  • And finally, we hint at what we have planned for YOU in the coming year!

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