Episode 45 - Science has proven we can reverse aging.....kind of.  Let's discuss.
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Episode 45 - Science has proven we can reverse aging.....kind of.  Let's discuss.

It may sound crazy to say we can reverse again, but it looks like someone has finally proven that it's possible…….kind of.  HERE is the really interesting study we're talking about.  To be fair, it’s a very small study, and it’s specifically of the Thymus gland.  So, it has to be taken with a grain of salt.

This isn’t a new concept, though.  All the hype around compounds like metformin, resveratrol, epitalon, rapamycin, DHEA, NAD, and many more have been about their ability to potentially slow down aging.  Many very famous researchers believe we can take this “slowing down” to the extreme of actually “reversing”. Or at least really, really, really slow it down to dramatically increase our lifespan.  In David Sinclair’s book titled “Lifespan” he lays out a compelling argument for this.

So, while it may seem crazy to make a statement like “aging is optional” we believe that science is getting pretty close to proving this is somewhat true.  That’s why we’ve developed some very specific anti-aging protocols. To be clear, we think the best strategy is optimizing sleep, diet, nutrition, stress levels, etc. But once you’ve achieved that base and solved your big problems, this is the next logical step in our minds.

We may not be able to live forever, but we’re willing to die trying.  (sorry, very corny joke.)


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