Let Your Body Give You Insight | Stacy Claxton
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Let Your Body Give You Insight | Stacy Claxton

This week's guest on the show is Stacy Claxton.  Stacy is an Integrative Health Practitioner who helps stuck people find freedom and flow.  She guides growth seekers, heart-centered healers, and embodied leaders through their biggest physical, nutritional, mental, emotional, social, spiritual, professional, and financial blocks to discover their boundless inner power.  Stacy includes body-centering tools within her practice to rewire the nervous systems of her clients so they can experience lasting change.  Her practice is unique because it blends both ancient and modern modalities to help her clients overcome blocks that prevent them from healing from past trauma and moving forward with freedom.  In this hands-on episode, we talk through the idea that trauma does not always stem from a life-shattering event, how and why trauma pulls us out of the current moment, the idea that your inner world changes your outer world, and emotional freedom techniques (A.K.A "EFT" or "tapping").  Stacy even spends some time walking us through a guided tapping session so that listeners at home can experience how powerful and freeing this technique can be.  In a word, this episode was POWERFUL.  We know you will enjoy learning from Stacy as much as we did.

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