Optimize What is in Your Control | Sam Miller
Health Coach Radio · 79 minutes ·

Optimize What is in Your Control | Sam Miller

Today we have Sam Miller, of Sam Miller Science, returning to Health Coach Radio.  We enjoyed our first conversation with Sam so much that we invited him back to the show for a second time.  Sam is a knowledgeable industry veteran, health coach, and a business mentor for health coaches.  He shares a ton of great content and information for the health and nutrition coach looking to master the gap between macros, metabolism, and medicine, and scale their coaching business to the next level.  In this week's episode, we discuss the topic of optimizing what is in our control, the tweet that put him on the map, reverse dieting, redesigning your environment, and how coaches can use storytelling, models, and frameworks to connect to their client's goals, hopes, and dreams.  Sam is such a wealth of information and we hope you enjoy this chat!

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