Turn Down the Fear, Turn Up Your Intuition | Laura Poburan
Health Coach Radio · 68 minutes ·

Turn Down the Fear, Turn Up Your Intuition | Laura Poburan

This week we welcome the lovely Laura Poburan to Health Coach Radio.  Laura is a nutrition business coach and mentor to practicing and aspiring health coaches. She has spent a long time in the fitness industry, dispensing conventional health and fitness wisdom in the same way that conventional health and fitness wisdom has been dispensed for decades.  That is until she had an awakening one day during a client meeting! Laura realized that there was a much more impactful and transformational way to work with her clients.  Laura took a big leap, selling her gym that had recently expanded and devoting the time and energy necessary to become a masterful coach.  During this episode, Laura shares what she has learned during her health coaching renaissance with the coaches she now mentors.  During this episode, we discuss the importance of understanding why you got into this field and never losing sight of that, the idea of turning down the fear voice and tapping into your intuition, her Trigger Mapping Certification, and trusting your gut feeling.  We hope that you enjoy this chat as much as we did. 

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