Main Scripture: Matthew 13 versus 3-9, 18-23, 51-52, 

Reference Scriptures: Isaiah 55: 2-3, Psalms 37: 4, Psalms 1:1-6, John 3, I Timothy 1: 7

You can also find the Parable Of The Sower in Mark 4, and Luke 8.

In Matthew 13, Jesus is explaining about the Kingdom. He tells the people about the different types of soil. Afterward the disciples ask him to explain the parable. It is not that the parable was hard to understand for the Jewish person, but it is the “How”.  How do we get to the place (mindset) of what Jesus was explaining? The answer to the question is another question. Do you delight yourself in God and his word?
In the LOL lessons are recorded using Filmora software.  The intro and exit music is by Manos Mars, “The Tunning” (Mar 30, 2017).
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