Delays, Delays.......Delays
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Delays, Delays.......Delays

This week it's a well oiled 2-Man podcast, we've fired Jon. Kidding, he's on a business trip - boooo! No worries, Chris and Shaun got you, fam! We discussed the current cycle of delays....whats been impacted, why? Is there and end in sight?  Good news and bad news on that. First - yes...there are SOME games with confirmed release dates. So unless WWIII breaks out (remember when we could say that and it wasn't a like "could happen" type thing?) - we will have some games. We won't have Starfield.  It's ok, right? Shout out to everyone who joined us on Also great emails and content from YOU the listeners this week. Thank you, GAME ON!

Topic Time: 22:59

News: 1:00:02

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