Black Love: A Return Home with Dianne Stewart
Black History Year · 57 minutes ·

Black Love: A Return Home with Dianne Stewart

Today’s History Story: Black Love Non-Monogamy
Dianne Stewart is back to talk about Black love. We’re continuing the conversation about Deconstructing Black Love so that we can rebuild and reconnect with spirituality, heritage, and how we love ourselves and each other outside of white supremacy. In that interview, we learned a lot about love, particularly how as African descended people, love is more than romantic. It’s heritage. It's community. It’s us.
Dr. Stewart is a professor of religion and African American studies at Emory University with a focus on religion, culture and African heritage in the Caribbean and the Americas. She’s written several books including Black Women, Black Love: America's War on African American Marriage and Three Eyes for the Journey: African Dimensions of the Jamaican Religious Experience.
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