Mom-Burnout and How to Prevent It
Iron Moms USA · 27 minutes ·

Mom-Burnout and How to Prevent It

In this week's episode of Iron Moms, Raina and Inna answer listener's questions and get their frustrations out about a big gym-pet-peeve in, "Overheard at the Gym."
Q: "How does a working mom refill her bucket?"
A: It’s the small wins that begin to build motivation and it all starts with self-care. Inna and Raina share tips that helped them get through frustrating times as working-moms and how they found practical ways to recharge without mom-guilt. The bottom line? Even the simplest change in habits can yield great results and prevent burnout.
Q: "What are some common mistakes people make in the gym that cause injuries?"
A:There are basic safety markers that you should look for in each lift and coach Inna tells us what they are and how to prevent injury.
We close the episode with, "Overheard at the Gym." Can you guess what this week's pet peeve is? We know that moms who use the gym's babysitting service will relate to this one!
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