African men who think negatively about Black Americans Black women
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African men who think negatively about Black Americans Black women

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Some African Men who carry ignorance about black Americans
I have run into some African men that formed negative stereotypical opinions concerning black Americans and it is indeed disturbing. I will dive into what a few African guys told me who live in the USA and share my thoughts. It is one thing for a guy to not like a lot of things that are happening inside the USA like politics etc but it is another thing when he forms crazy conclusions and makes ignorant statements about your people and stands firm on it. This is a no-no.
So one guy stated that he believes that "ALL" black Americans are lazy and ghetto. He told me that I am different and we can go out. I told him that what he said was not cool and it was indeed ignorant. I asked him why he is thinking this way and he said it is what he is seeing every day. He was living in a rough area in Atlanta and therefore he was surrounded by people who got there due to unfortunate situations and or choices and therefore that shaped his thinking about all black Americans. When I was a child me and my family temporarily use to live in bad areas but my parents were college graduates that were just hitting a hard time due to my dad becoming disabled. My parents were nowhere near lazy or ghetto and my dad held down several jobs with his disability and so did my mom until things improved. I also have family that holds high positions in the workforce and is successful. He still insisted that he was right even though I told him my story. At that moment I stopped talking to him and hopped on the Marta train. I can't waste my energy on going back and forth. There are bad areas in every country and city including the region he came from. See the rest here --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

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