Is it a Genuine or bias, prejudice warning | Dating African Men| Discrimination Bias Stereotypes
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Is it a Genuine or bias, prejudice warning | Dating African Men| Discrimination Bias Stereotypes

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Is it a Genuine or a bias/prejudice warning?

A friend, looked at my video "They said leave those African Men alone" and told me that it is important for women to be warned of the dangerous scams concerning men from Africa and not warning women is not good. I am not saying that friends and family should never give us advice. Many times they mean us well and want us to be safe. However, it is important to discern if this warning received is genuine without a bias or prejudice taste to it. I will briefly talk about this today.

I will briefly share several definitions with you so that you can have this in mind when receiving advice or warnings.
Bias can be normally implicit or unspoken. It is a tendency to look at things in a certain way, in preference to other ways. There are 9 types of bias according to ( ).
Being bias does lead to poor judgment, poor reasoning skills, and faulty decision making because they may close the person's mind off to alternative ideas, truths, and opinions. For instance, someone can say "I think that Mexicans are better than Americans". This person is favoring a group of people over another.
Prejudice (pre-judging a similar form of bias) a preconceived mindset that prevents the impartial judgment of ideas or people. An example is "All Americans men are cheaters and deceivers. Don't ever date one"!
Discrimination comes into play when one starts acting upon a prejudice they possess regarding a certain group of people. For instance "I will not hire any black Americans or Jamaicans".
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