The Deceit of Some African men Dating African Men Fraudsters Green Card Scam Fake Pastor
USA Dating African Men & Culture · 8 minutes ·

The Deceit of Some African men Dating African Men Fraudsters Green Card Scam Fake Pastor

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I can't sit on this platform and say that all african men have ill intentions
ons and are out to use our American ladies for the green card. However, just like I have ran into some really down to earth genuine African men...I have ran into some really bad African guys and seen some stuff. Today I will talk about 4 situations that I will never forget...hopefully you ladies will be reminded to just be careful out here.

1. That is not his sister or aunt, it is his girlfriend or wife.
This man is in two relationships. One with a lady back home and one with an lady from the USA. He told his woman back home that he must get into a new one here in the US in order to get his papers and then he will bring her over. The American gf is introduced over the phone to his woman back home as his aunt or sister. Whenever the American gf hear him talking to her in his dialect she thinks it is his aunt or sister but it is his wife or gf. I have seen it where the man and his girlfriend were here in the US and he introduced his girlfriend as his sister to his American lady and asked for her help with his "sister" (she needs a place to stay). The American woman fell in love with the guy and moved them both in her home and eventually married the guy. They later divorced after he got what he needed and she was shocked when she later found out that they were boyfriend and girlfriend. This situation was crazy!

2. This man called my friend and told him that he was on his way to his house to visit to talk to him asap. I asked my friend what was the urgency. My friend told me that he said he has been seeing this vanilla (white lady) for a while and is looking at how to sustain the relationship so that he can get his papers. He told my friend he just needs her for this reason and then he will dump her after divorce. When I would go to certain events, I would see this lady and I would feel bad watching her laugh and smile and not even knowing this is a set-up for her...the gullible.

3. This man told me that he wanted to marry me the same week I met him. I asked him why, and he said because he loves me and he sees me as a great wife. When I dug deeper into him, I discovered that he needed me to be a fixer-upper Bob the builder woman and I couldn't. I told him we can't be together. He was very upset about it and started cursing me. His true colors sure did show early on. Click here for the rest.... --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

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