What is leveling up? Pickme? Dusty?
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What is leveling up? Pickme? Dusty?

Hey:) Today, I will briefly explain the concepts of leveling up and discuss my journey.

So, leveling up is basically a transformation process that happens on the inside and shows on the outside. Leveling up is when you decide to take a self-assessment and begin to fix certain areas in your life (traumas), love yourself, and get educated on how to handle men correctly. You can decide to be single and still level up, it is not all about dating men but truly loving you first. PickMe's are ladies that are not educated on how to grow, transform and date men with smarts. Many of these sisters have unhealed issues and also wait on a man to pick them for love instead of calling the shots and asking the right questions. So for instance, a guy may say " I am not ready for a relationship" with his words and or actions. A pick me will still entertain a man that is not ready and then wonder why he is not committing to her after all she has done for him. Some "pick mes" sisters are in situationships/relationships and are confused because the man is sending mixed messages. This is because of a lack of insight and knowledge on how to deal with a man. Some "pick mes" don't understand their value and accept men who devalue them and get mad at other women who tell them that their mindset is not good

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