35 - Setting Up A Healthy Food Environment In Your Home
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35 - Setting Up A Healthy Food Environment In Your Home

Hello ladies! On today’s episode, I talk about the best ways to set up a healthy eating environment in your own home. 


Food studies have shown that our food environment directly influences our food decisions. Oftentimes, an unhealthy food environment leads to mindless eating just because of its setup. Therefore, in today’s episode, I want to share with you small changes you can make to your home environment that can lead to major changes for the better in the way that you eat.


Because the kitchen is where most food decisions in the house are made, this is where your best investment for change will be. Therefore, I recommend focusing on 3 specific areas in your kitchen that, when better organized, can lead to more intentional and strategic eating. 


3 Areas in Your Kitchen to Better Organize:

  1. Kitchen Counters: Minimize their clutter to reduce stress and visual exposure to unhealthy food
  2. Pantry: Downsize large snack quantities and streamline snacking options in order to prevent temptation and reduce food decisions
  3. Fridge: Ignore the common fridge design and keep healthy foods at eye-level and grouped according to easy, healthy food combinations 


Along with discussing these key points, I also expand on additional ways to make these three areas best designed for healthy food decisions.  When it comes to weight-loss, eating less sugar, getting rid of cravings, or other healthy eating goals, unfortunately having good intentions is not always enough. Instead, we need to think more about the situations and environments we’re putting ourselves in and how by being mindful of these environments, we can gain better control over what we put into our bodies.  


What You’ll Learn in This Podcast Episode:

  1. How our environments can lead to mindless eating
  2. Why people eat more in a disorganized kitchen vs. a tidy kitchen
  3. Tips for visually exposing yourself to healthy food options
  4. Why bulk packaging can lead to increased, unhealthy snacking 
  5. Suggestions for how to make healthy food in your fridge easily accessible for those on the go 


Helpful Links:

Emma Anderson’s “Live Life Organized with Emma” blog: https://www.llowithemma.com/blog/


Episode 23 - “Organizing Your Kitchen with Emma Anderson”: https://dafnachazin.com/organize-your-kitchen/


For tips on purging your kitchen, find my “PCOS-Proof Kitchen Guide” at: dafnachazin.com/pcosplan


Questions, or interested in becoming a client? Email me at: [email protected]


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