Dragon's Reign - Chapter 26 | City Dragon, Country Dragon
The Raythe Reign Gay Fiction Podcast · 23 minutes ·

Dragon's Reign - Chapter 26 | City Dragon, Country Dragon

Chapter 26 of the gay fantasy serial story, Dragon's Reign, read by the author.

Valerius stops Caden from heroics when it's clear that something bad has happened. Instead, he insists that Caden come with him to shift in private.

Dragon’s Reign is an M/M romance set in a fantasy world where 8 dragon-shifters rule the earth until Caden Bryce becomes dragon #9. Where does he fit into the territorial society of dragons, werewolves, ravens, and more? You'll find out... as we post 2-4 chapters every month!

Each episode is an entire chapter, and the entire story will be more than 70 chapters.

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