Margarita Montimore & 'Oona Out Of Order': Complicated Conversations Series
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Margarita Montimore & 'Oona Out Of Order': Complicated Conversations Series

We welcome Margarita Montimore to discuss OONA OUT OF ORDER, which is a remarkably inventive novel that explores what it means to live a life fully in the moment, even if those moments are out of order.
** The concept for this book is so original and fresh in the way it tackles age. Margarita discusses what inspired her to explore the disconnect between age and how you feel on the inside, time travel, and how writing this book helped her find peace with her personal timeline. (02:04)
** We discuss Oona, the complicated heroine of OONA OUT OF ORDER, who because of her circumstances is constantly reinventing herself. Margarita shares her development of Oona, what inspired her, how we are all different versions of ourselves through-out our lives, and imposter syndrome. (04:48)
** Speaking of complicated women, Oona’s mother Madeline is a constant presence in all stages of her life, no matter her leaps. We discuss mommy issues and why Margarita wanted Madeline to be there through it all. (08:00)
** Music is another timeless, constant thread through the novel so we loved chatting with Margarita about her own love of music and the soundtracks and theme songs of our own lives! (11:10)
** OONA OUT OF ORDER explores one of our favorite themes of fate vs free will. Margarita shares a Russian expression that will stay with us forever. (16:25)
** We discuss astrology. Margarita is a Capricorn, but she flirts with her Sagittarius cusp, and comes from a long line of cosmically gifted women. (18:43)
** Margarita shares her writing process and how she managed to keep track of all the timelines and leaps without an outline or a murder board. (24:00)
** Her path to publication involved more than one career and hundreds of rejections, but Margarita’s advice to writers about perseverance, revision and believing in your story is beyond inspiring. (27:18)
** The “Oona-verse” is thriving! Margarita shares news of a sequel and a screen adaptation of Oona Out of Order! (33:16)
** Margarita shares what she is loving right now in books and TV. She also shares news of her next book! (37:54)
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