Jim Rathman | Real Life Real Crime Podcast
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Jim Rathman | Real Life Real Crime Podcast

Detective?CHECK. Bronze Star Army Vet? CHECK. Former Secret Service Agent? CHECK. Hit Podcast host? CHECK. Is there anything today's guest can't do?!? Say hello to Jim Rathman, the other half of Real Life Real Crime; we had his other half, Woody Overton on episode 33. 
Jim walks me through his career and how he's happily landed where he is, investigating cold cases that desperately need attention. Jim and Woody balance their vast talents and skillsets to bring answers and closure ( if that's even possible) to families of victims. Jim shares a lot about the Courtney Coco case which the two of them were instrumental in helping crack,  though charges still have not been brought. Listen to find out why.
Jim has stayed busy during Quarantine focusing on a missing persons case that you just might have heard of... does the name Don Lewis mean anything to you? #tigerking 
Kirk write a three part series on his experience aptly titled "Trapped with Ms. Arias." You can find those as well as books on weight loss and wellness here.
Keep up with Jim on social and be sure to check out Real Life Real Crime where Jim and Woody share real cases they worked from their careers and they tackle important issues like trauma and suicide within law enforcement.
Thank you, Jim for killing the small talk!
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Instagram @jim_rathman
Twitter: @reallifecrime
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