The Devil is in the Photograph... ep 3
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The Devil is in the Photograph... ep 3

Jodi Arias is on the brink of destruction- she is inserting herself into the investigation from the get go. She has to know where the Mesa PD is standing once she hears that Travis has been found. She is a person who likes to be one step ahead but living hours away she is finding it difficult to control the situation without inserting herself.
Travis's friends and family were distraught hearing about losing Travis but this was just the beginning of their journey in getting justice for their friend. They would have to sit back for nearly a decade as the case unfolds and they get introduced to the Travis that was addicted to Jodi and it's a person they never thought he could be..... in the end no one was fooled by the now mousey accused- she may have changed her appearance in the years since they saw her last but the same person was still behind the rimed glasses and dark hair.

I want to thank you all for joining me for this case, it was one that I thought I knew well but my research showed me the stuff edited for television was just the tip of the iceberg and there was more to the ex-girlfriend scorned by her once lover.

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