Educate or Bequeath?
Sweet as Honey · 69 minutes ·

Educate or Bequeath?

Hey Honeybees!

bequeath (v) - to give or leave by will; to hand down.

Is it the responsibility of the marginalized to educate... or do we refuse the responsibility that has been handed down to us from those who refuse to evolve with us?


In this episode, A and Tiff continue the discourse around how to continue to grow in our allyship and our sense of self-worth. A is a diplomat and appreciates feeling seen/heard/affirmed/safe; Tiff is a feeler with a bullshit radar who is more assertive/outspoken/protective. Do you think we'll agree on how to move forward with "paving the way" for the next generations of queer folx? Tune in to find out!



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