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Sweet as Honey · 70 minutes ·

Sexy Nature Playlist

Hello Honeybees!

In this episode of the Sweet as Honey Podcast, Tiff + A have a random Sunday afternoon chat. On the docket - childhood embarrassment + stories, trying to keep track of time (the Jeremy Bearimy, if you will, thanks The Good Place), why frogs are so excited, how an electrical project idea led to a miscommunication, the OG Araminta Ross, and questions for white folks to ask their living parents and grandparents about their hand in racism against Black people during de-segregation.


Our sponsor for this episode is Ooh Butta Baby - a Black woman- owned business founded and run by one of our very own Honeybees. Run up her sales by visiting and using code HONEYBEE at checkout for 15% off. Walk the walk and shop small! 


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