Christmas Decorations
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Christmas Decorations

This Christmas season, we are practising what we preach and making this season a bit slower for us by revisiting last years episodes as we had such a great response to them last year. The great thing about re-listening to podcasts is that you'll take away different tips and you'll learn things you don't even remember hearing last time. So as you prepare for the Christmas season this year, we hope it is one of peace, love, feeling organised and being inspired to declutter.

Do you love putting up Christmas decorations? Do you have a roof full or a shed full of decoration? Or are you a minimalist Christmas-er like us?

Here is another episode where you can laugh at and with Amy and Kirsty, where they share their tips and tricks for decluttering your decorations and give great ideas on how to store all things Christmasy. We hope you enjoy it!

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