#1: Mental Health During COVID-19 on the "COVID-19: Commonsense Conversations on the Coronavirus Pandemic" Podcast with Dr. O'Connell and Dr. Nissen
Brain Health with Dr. Nissen · 31 minutes ·

#1: Mental Health During COVID-19 on the "COVID-19: Commonsense Conversations on the Coronavirus Pandemic" Podcast with Dr. O'Connell and Dr. Nissen

In this episode, Dr. Ted O’Connell and Dr. Nick Nissen discuss the mental health concerns that have been arising in the wake of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. Some of the topics covered include: ● An overview of some prominent mental health concerns during this pandemic ● A description of the neurological mechanism behind our increased anxiety during a pandemic ● How to approach concerns of anxiety and depression ● A tutorial of cognitive behavioral therapy and cognitive distortion exercises for decreasing anxiety ● A behavioral activation approach for preventing and managing depression while in quarantine Dr. Nick Nissen is an author and speaker who is passionate about addiction medicine and medical education. He is the Co-Founder of the medical education company, InsideTheBoards, and is a Level 1 team-CBT therapist. He is active on Instagram (@dr.nissen) and Youtube (Dr. Nissen).The cognitive behavioral therapy work of Dr. David Burns was mentioned during this episode. You can find out more about his books, podcast, and other materials at http://www.feelinggood.com. Your host is Dr. Ted O’Connell, family physician, educator, and author of numerous textbooks and peer-reviewed articles. He holds academic appointments at UCSF, UC Davis, and Drexel University’s medical schools and also founded the Kaiser Permanente Napa-Solano Community Medicine and Global Health Fellowship, the first program in the U.S. to formally combine both community medicine and global health. Follow Ted on Instagram (@tedoconnellmd) and Twitter (@tedoconnell)! Submit Your Questions for the Podcast Send an email to [email protected] or check out covidpodcast.com What Can You Do? You can help spread commonsense about COVID-19 by supporting this podcast. Hit subscribe, leave a positive review, and share it with your friends especially on social media. We can each do our part to ensure that scientifically accurate information about the pandemic spreads faster than rumors or fears. Remember to be vigilant, but remain calm. For the most trusted and real time information on COVID-19 and the coronavirus pandemic, both the CDC and WHO have dedicated web pages to keep the public informed. The information presented in this podcast is intended for educational purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice. Producers: Madison Linden and Christopher Breitigan. Executive Producer: Patrick C. Beeman, MD

Brain Health with Dr. Nissen brings you advancements in medicine, neuroscience, psychiatry, and nutrition to help you live a better life. Dr. Nissen’s expert interviews reveal new, evidence-based approaches to enhancing mental health, sharpening cognition, and optimizing performance. With topics such as optogenetics, Alzheimer’s disease, neuromodulation, depression, the Mediterranean Diet, and psychedelics, this show is sure to expose listeners to new topics on the frontiers of medicine and neuroscience. Join our community at http://drnissen.com

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Dr. Nissen is a medical doctor (MD) and TEAM-CBT Therapist. This show is intended for entertainment and educational purposes only and does not substitute personalized medical advice. Please speak with your doctor before attempting any medical or major diet and lifestyle changes.

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