The Legion Clubhouse #014: They Didn't Just Do That... Did They?
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The Legion Clubhouse #014: They Didn't Just Do That... Did They?

In this episode of The Legion Clubhouse, two very troubling stories that in hindsight were really terrible ideas.

In the city of Metropolis, in the 30th Century, there exists one of the most amazing clubs of all time! It's members are teen-aged youths, each possessing on special super-powers! The club members have vowed to use their fantastic power to battle crime... This rocket shaped building is the Legion Clubhouse!

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The Legion Clubhouse #014: They Didn't Just Do That... Did They?Adventure Comics #313
The Condemned Legionnaires!
October 1963
w: Edmond Hamilton
a: Curt Swan
When most the female members of the Legion of Super-Heroes (and Night Girl of the Legion of Substitute Heroes) come down with the Crimson Virus, they have to be sent to a quarantine planet. The rest of the female members are hunted down by a mysterious masked villain named Satan Girl, who seems to be infecting the female Legionnaires with the virus.

With the arrival of Supergirl, who is immune to the virus, the male Legion members try to learn the origins of Satan Girl. When she proves immune to Kryptonite, Lead and an anti-android weapon, the heroes are puzzled to figure out her true identity. Unable to defeat her due to her superior powers, Supergirl has the Legion go and collect the Legion of Super-Pets, as Satan Girl's powers would not effect them. The Super-Pets manage to easily defeat Satan Girl, who is unmasked, revealing that she is really -- Supergirl!? The weakened Satan Girl explains that she is the product of Red Kryptonite, which Supergirl was exposed to upon entering the 30th Century. Knowing that she had only 48 hours of life, she adopted the guise of Satan Girl and created a device that would siphon the Red Kryptonite radiation and infect females with it, in hopes that once she had rid herself of the Red Kryptonite energies she could live past the 48 hour period which Red Kryptonite effects.

With her plan a failure, and the 48 hours running their course, Satan Girl merges with Supergirl. After wards, the Legion learns that Satan Girl managed to handle Green Kryptonite because she wore a lead suit. After this revelation, although they are victorious and their female members restored to normal, the Legion takes a moment to feel pity for Satan Girl, for all she wanted to do was live. - via DC Wikia

The Legion Clubhouse #014: They Didn't Just Do That... Did They?Adventure Comics #314
The Super-Villains Of All Ages!
November 1963
w: Edmond Hamilton
a: John Forte
Posing as an applicant for potential Legion membership, the evil Alaktor manages to take x-ray photos of every device within Legion headquarters. Sneaking back into their base, Alaktor steals one of the Legion's time bubbles in hopes of recruiting histories most evil criminals. The Legion stumbles upon Alaktor's plot and try to stop him across different periods. However, Alaktor manages to avoid capture while recruiting Nero, John Dillinger, and Adolf Hitler from history and bring them to the 30th Century.

With a mind swap device, Alaktor manages to switch the minds of Hitler, Dillinger, and Nero into the bodies of Superboy, Mon-El and Ultra-Boy. The three then turn against Alaktor and decide to commit crimes across the universe for their own gain. The Legion tries to stop them, but in the bodies of their near indestructible friends, this proves to the easier said than done. However, the evil and opportunistic natures of Hitler, Dillinger and Nero get the better of them and all three knock each other out using the weaknesses their stolen super-bodies are vulnerable too. This allows the Legion to gather them up, and restore their friends minds back into their own bodies, return the historical figures to their own times and undo the damage they had done in the 30th Century. - via DC Wikia

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