00:00:00 Well, good afternoon.
00:00:07 I am Cindy, your host of the Kindness Advantage, where in 10 minutes or less, I will give
00:00:14 you ways to incorporate kindness into your everyday life, business and organization.
00:00:21 And today, the day of love, happy Valentine's Day, we are going to talk about how to be
00:00:27 kind to yourself.
00:00:30 Now, when we talk about kindness, we always, I think, jump to the conclusion that it needs
00:00:39 to be to somebody else, whether that is a stranger or a loved one or a friend.
00:00:46 But I'm here to tell you that you need to start with yourself first.
00:00:51 And when you're kind to yourself first, you can find it easier to be kind to others.
00:00:59 So like I said in the intro, ways to be kind to yourself.
00:01:05 And the reason we should be kind to ourselves, well, when we are kind to ourselves, we are
00:01:11 actually creating that self-love.
00:01:13 Now, when I was growing up, was never really taught about self-love.
00:01:19 And I don't think back in the early 80s when I was a little one, that self-love was really
00:01:27 expressed as a need or a desire.
00:01:32 But when you are kind to yourself and showing yourself self-love, you are also encouraging
00:01:40 yourself to be happy and to be positive.
00:01:45 And those things can be amazing for your entire life.
00:01:53 So things can happen greatly when you start to focus on yourself.
00:01:58 So what doesn't need to be kind to yourself?
00:02:03 Number one, have patience.
00:02:07 So I was some people that know my story.
00:02:10 I was in a car accident at the end of 2018.
00:02:14 And I feel like one of the lessons from that car accident was patience because I was not
00:02:21 a patient individual, not with other people, and that was myself.
00:02:25 So having patience, being patient with yourself, allowing grace for things to just be as
00:02:34 they are, is a way to extend kindness to yourself.
00:02:39 The other way to extend kindness to yourself is to be honest with yourself, right?
00:02:44 We sometimes like to measure ourselves against other people.
00:02:49 And that's really not the best thing for us when we want to be kind to ourselves.
00:02:55 So being honest with ourselves and expressing that towards our self is really, really important.
00:03:04 Another thing is to stop apologizing.
00:03:06 And I am speaking to all the girls up there, ladies.
00:03:10 Raise your hands because we apologize for everything.
00:03:15 And it doesn't even mean that, I think it's just an impulse that we say, "Oh, I'm sorry.
00:03:21 I'm sorry."
00:03:22 You know, so how do you switch that narrative?
00:03:26 So let's say you are late and you're like, "I'm so sorry.
00:03:31 I'm late."
00:03:32 So maybe say, "Thank you so much for waiting."
00:03:37 Isn't that better?
00:03:38 That's being kind to yourself too.
00:03:40 How about instead of saying, "Maybe this is at a workplace," right?
00:03:45 "Sorry to bother you."
00:03:47 Instead of saying that, maybe say, "Do you have a minute to chat?"
00:03:52 I always like to, when I even when I have a phone call or a Zoom or a meeting planned and
00:04:00 scheduled, I always like to confirm that this is still a good time, right?
00:04:04 And that has nothing to do about apologizing.
00:04:06 But I feel like that's the same line of the, "Do you have a minute?"
00:04:10 Excuse me.
00:04:11 The other thing, you know, "Sorry, I don't get it."
00:04:15 Instead of saying, "Sorry, I don't get it."
00:04:17 Maybe say, "Hey, can you explain that?"
00:04:20 I don't understand it.
00:04:21 Can you explain that to me?
00:04:23 That is a way to be kind.
00:04:25 And stop apologizing.
00:04:26 All right.
00:04:27 And then finally, is just to be yourself.
00:04:31 People fall in love with authenticity.
00:04:35 And when you can be yourself, showing that kind of love towards yourself, that kindness
00:04:43 goes a long, long way.
00:04:45 So those are just a few things on how to be kind to you.
00:04:51 And the importance of that is that it makes us happier.
00:04:55 We are more positive people.
00:04:57 We have gratitude for things in our life.
00:05:02 So please take this succulent and really try to focus on being kind to yourself today
00:05:10 and the day of love and every day.
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00:06:52 All right.
00:06:53 Well, thank you so much for tuning in and listening to me.
00:06:57 And just remember to really, really focus on you.
00:07:00 Be kind to you too.
00:07:02 I'll leave you with this.
00:07:04 Together, we can create weights of change through kindness.
00:07:08 [BLANK_AUDIO]