#163: How to Achieve Exercise Freedom
Plant-Based Fitness Secrets · 15 minutes ·

#163: How to Achieve Exercise Freedom

In this episode I break down how you can achieve Exercise Freedom.
Where you don't feel restricted or limited by one type of exercise, but rather empowered by it. Where it becomes part of you and part of your lifestyle.
Because that's where transformation becomes permanent!

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Hi, I'm Fritz, and after helping hundreds of Vegans achieve that lean & muscular look they desire, representing their values with confidence, I created The Vegan Fitness Podcast to help you do the same thing.

On each episode of The Vegan Fitness Podcast I'll share with you how to:
1. Lose Fat and Gain Muscle on a vegan diet.
2. How to create a sustainable lifestyle and lasting change.
3. How to leave a positive people on this planet! 
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