Investing Using Your Retirement Accounts | PREI 011
Passive Real Estate Investing · 38 minutes ·

Investing Using Your Retirement Accounts | PREI 011

Since the early 2000′s, the number of self-directed IRAs has more than doubled!  These plans give individuals the ability to invest into assets that they understand and can control such as real estate.  Investors who have knowledge and expertise in a particular investment can purchase them in a tax-free or tax-deferred environment
The and Checkbook IRA and Solo 401k are viable solutions that allow you to investment in virtually any asset including real estate, provide you with “Checkbook Control” over your retirement account, and minimize or eliminate custodian fees.
In this episode we talk to Dmitriy Fomichenko the founder and president of Sense Financial Services LLC, a boutique financial firm specializing in self-directed retirement accounts with checkbook control.
We also take a look at another available turnkey investment property in our Deal of the Day segment.
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