Business Strategies for Success - Attracting Capital and Customers

Business Strategies for Success - Attracting Capital and Customers

Part of the Legacy Series of Compassionate Capitalist Podcast radio show.  This show features Paul Hoyt of the Hoyt Management Group.   With over 40 years experience leading executive teams to improve profitability and productivity, his sage advice has had direct positive results for companies from start up stage to fortune 500.

During this half hour show, Karen & Paul will talk about the importance of strategy.  Successful businesses develop and implement multiple strategies that are tightly integrated:   Marketing Strategy is tied to Profit and Growth, which is tied to a Financing Strategy to seek the right kind of capital at the right stage.  A miscalculation based on limited information, inexperience, or hyper-optimism, can lead to failure and bankruptcy.   You won't want to miss this show. 

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