S2E3 - Blockchain in Israel - The Start-up Nation with Global Appeal
Blockchain Won't Save the World · 39 minutes ·

S2E3 - Blockchain in Israel - The Start-up Nation with Global Appeal

We take a closer look at Israel, known by many as 'Start-up Nation'... A country famous for its production line of entrepreneurs, military-inspired tech, cryptography and most recently Blockchain. Home to over 250 global R&D centres, 6,000 tech companies and 150 Blockchain businesses, Israel has a unique recipe for success in tech - and Blockchain is no exception. 

In this episode we cover: 

- The rapid adoption of Blockchain in Israel from Bitcoin to ICOs to creating leading global players

- The story behind 'Start-up Nation' and why Israel's entrepreneurs are so successful

- The diversity and make-up of the Israeli Blockchain community 

- Country-specific use cases around Financial Services, Trade, Identity and Healthcare

- Chutzpah: the secret, intangible ingredient behind all Israeli successes

- And a rare cameo from the legendary Aviv Lichtigstein - Founder of 101 Blockchains

Shout to the amazing guests who made this show possible: Yael Rozencwajg, Odelia Torteman, Rena Thomas, Igal Nevo, Kfir Nissan, Gabi Zodik, and Aviv Lichtigstein

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