Import Chinese Products (Antoni Watts 4 of 4)
British Amazon Seller · 14 minutes ·

Import Chinese Products (Antoni Watts 4 of 4)

Antoni Watts got into the Amazon business after running his own sourcing company in China. Today he’s going to teach us about how to import Chinese products.

Dos and Don’ts when Considering a Supplier
You may contact hundreds of suppliers, maybe even 1000. However, only a percentage of those will reply to your email. Out of those responses, you’ll be able to weed out others based on how well they answer your questions. The most knowledgeable suppliers will have follow-up questions for you based on the information you requested. It’s a strong indication that they know the product.
Here are other things you want to know from the supplier before you import Chinese products:

Ask for a list of past customers they have worked with
Find out if they’ve ever exported to your market (geographic location)

Within a few days, you will have your list down to 4-5 suppliers you’re interested in. Go with your gut!

Steps to Take Once Your Ready to Order
You’ve received your samples. Now you’re ready to order. You can do it a couple of ways:
1. If you already have a relationship with the factory, you can simply send an email and let them know you’re ready to order. They will send an invoice and ship your products. Some factories may require you to pay a deposit upfront. Once you do that, your products will be on the way.
2. If you’re establishing a relationship with a new factory, they may ask you to submit a Purchase Order.
Regardless of whether you’re ordering via email or a purchase order, make sure every detail is listed regarding the item, the packing order, and the quality assurance standards. Send pictures of specific improvements if need be. Everything should be listed as you hope to receive it.
It helps you to catch any mistakes or any missing details before receiving your shipment.

Information on How to Export and Import Chinese Products
You think you’re ready to order. You’ve been in contact with the supplier. You’ve received your sample and even talked about how many units you need.
But wait…
You need to get clear about a few more things before your product leaves the factory.

Check the freight costs
Contact the freight forwarder (Who will be handling the shipment? Exactly how will the package be handled?)
Find out if there are any product regulations
Shop your product around to 1-3 freight forwarders. It allows you to cross-reference pricing and to learn about various processes or regulations
Make sure the factory packing is secure (item to box, box to carton, carton to outer carton/crate)
Ask for examples of other customer shipments to learn about any differences
Drop test (optional)
Vibration test (optional)

Know exactly what all of this looks like prior to placing your order.

Watch How to Import Chinese Products with Antoni Watts of Cashcow Pro Part 4 of 4

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