Using Freeeup (Nathan Hirsch 4 of 4)
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Using Freeeup (Nathan Hirsch 4 of 4)

This is Part 4 of the series with Nathan Hirsch of who is sharing some fantastic information about using FreeeUp. This episode is exclusive to the YouTube viewers and anyone who is watching rather than listening. In the video, Nathan is walking through an example of using FreeeUp because it’s great to actually see it in use.

Using Freeeup
From the start, it’s simple to use. There is a dashboard with billing periods on the left side. Billing periods are Wednesday to Tuesday and you get billed automatically every Thursday. You can see your worker and the hours that they work. If you click ‘View Details’ you can see the notes from your worker about what they worked on so you can see what they did.

On the right side, it shows how much you’re spending, how much each worker is.

You can also see the total hours billed for the billing period and how much you’ve spent in the billing period. You can filter through different billing periods on the left.
The Workers Tab
Under the workers tab you can see a list of all your workers and their hourly rate so you always know what it is. Anytime you need a worker you just click ‘Request a Worker’.

A pop-up will appear and you enter the details of what kind of worker you’re looking for. For example, U.S. or non-U.S. based, schedule requirements, price range, one-time or ongoing, how quickly you need the worker etc. When you’ve done that, click ‘submit’ and a ticket gets created.

You can also view all your tickets, and anytime FreeeUp fills a ticket you will get notified by email. The worker will introduce themselves and you can make contact via a number of different platforms so you can communicate easily.

Pricing when Using FreeeUp
If you click on ‘Pricing’ there is an infographic about the ballpark pricing figures for different skillsets. This can help you get an idea of what you will pay for lower level, mid-level, and expert workers.

The lower level workers are more suited to when you’re bringing your own SOPs and they follow them. Mid-level might specialize in one or two things but you’re not hiring them to run your whole business. And experts are top-level talents, consultants and people that do discovery phases, audits, and game plans. You can pick what level of worker you want there. The more information you can provide the better.
Affiliates and Partners
FreeeUp has a great affiliate program. Any clients that you refer to FreeeUp, you will get 50c for every hour billed forever! You can get your affiliate link or introduce them straight to Nathan or his team, or have them mention your name on signup and you will still get credit for that. You will be able to see the details of people you have recommended in this section too, along with how much you’re making from the hours they are billing.

There is also a ‘Partners Page’ that details the different people FreeeUp works with. They have a number of partnerships with top notch eCommerce companies to help you out in those areas.
The last section is ‘Payments’. FreeeUp is currently working on totally revamping this section. There are three different payment options: ACH, credit card or the retainer.

That’s the inside of the FreeeUp portal and we try to keep it pretty simple.
Using FreeeUp for Amazon
I find that the two tasks that take the most time in my Amazon business are the product research in the raw phase, and then contacting Chinese suppliers. FreeeUp has people that are already trained in both of those areas.

For the Chinese sourcing, there are plenty of pre-trained, mid-level, or expert-level workers using FreeeUp from China that do this already, all day. For the regular sourcing, most people hire lower level workers, especially if you have a system for doing that. There is no set way to source products and do product research when using FreeeUp, but there are different consultants that you can hire that have their own systems or help you create the system too.

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